September 21, 2014


Building, painting, assembling, cleaning and selling, are but some of the words that capture the essence that currently pumps through the veins of the SrixZone Health and Fitness staff.

We are entering the final stages of construction and soon we’ll be opening the doors to the public.

Our sales representatives have already started selling and the feedback we are getting from members are phenomenal.

“Wow! This is amazing”

“Lephalale has needed something like this for quite some time”

“We cannot wait to train here”

“It is great that you are able to suite everyone’s needs”

“The photos we’ve seen doesn’t come close to the enormity of this place”


We thank all of you who have made the effort to visit us and we invite everyone to visit us for a tour through our facility.

To book your tour contact Gerhardt at 084-849-4987 or send an email to



September 9, 2014

Here we are. We’ve started laying our floors, assembling our equipment and filled our pool.

A project which started over a year ago is almost ready to be used by you,

and we can’t wait to have you.


1. General Training Area with the Spinning Studio, Yoga Studio and Squash Courts in the background.

General 1

2. Our Aerobics Studio is 90% complete.


3. We’ve started filling our pool.


4. The private Platinum Female Training Area is almost ready.


Female 1

AUGUST 17, 2014

Each day we move one step closer to opening the biggest gym in South Africa right here in Lephalale (Ellsiras).

Here are some photos of the current status of Srixzone Health and Fitness Lephalale.

Get a 10% discount if you join before we open in October. Click HERE and we’ll contact you.

General Training Area







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