5 Ways to keep your New Year Resolutions

 1. Form an emotional attachment. If you feel no emotion with your goal in mind then the motivation will most likely fade away. But if you feel a connection with reaching your goals then you are more likely to carry through with it.

2. Create a visual representation. For both the end goal and the journey, set up a picture board. If your goal is the loose weight, have an end picture of where you want to be and at each bench mark post up your own photos so you can see your progress.

3. Create shorter timelines within your major timeline. With your end goal in mind, set mini goals along the way. As you reach each mini goal you will begin to realize how far you have come and how reachable the end goal really is.

4. Reward the small achievements. When you reach or pass the mini goals that you have set for yourself. Pat yourself on the back! Reward yourself for those accomplishments along the way! It will just give you more motivation to push harder.

5. Make challenging goals. Don’t make a resolution for yourself that you know is impossible for you to keep, but make it a goal you will have to work for. A goal that you will feel proud about yourself at the end of the day when you have achieved it.


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